Rving During COVID-19 Pandemic – Black Rock

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed our lifestyles. Everything from how we conduct business to how we spend our leisure time has changed. Quarantines have confined us to our homes for our own safety and for the safety of humanity, but have you considered RV’ing during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

RV camping at Black Rock offers one of the safest outdoor activities during this pandemic. We are safer outdoors with many outdoor activities we can do to maintain social distancing with ease.

If you are not familiar with RV camping, RV is an acronym for Recreational Vehicle. RV’ing enables you to go camping while still maintaining the comfort of your home. There are various models and configurations of RVs. They can be in the form of motor homes, trailers, camper vans and more. They have all the amenities you need, including beds, bathrooms, dining areas, laundry features and entertainment centers.

The Freedom of Traveling With RVs During COVID-19 Pandemic

RVs are versatile and allow you the freedom to get away for a weekend (or longer) without needing a hotel. RVs give you the freedom to go wherever you want, to explore the wonderous beauty of our country. Besides, RV campgrounds are are less expensive than hotel rooms. And there are usually no pet fees!

Traveling in RVs makes it easier to minimize contact with others. Thus minimizing the spread of germs or the virus. No masks and sanitizer needed when you need a bathroom, it is right there in your RV!

We invite you to spend a few days and nights exploring what the Black Rock RV park has to offer.  We have many amenities for activities both on-site and nearby. This is the place to camp this winter! At Black Rock RV, our goal is to offer positive memorable travel experiences to RVers. Get away from the winter snow and rain at Black Rock RV!

Come See What Black Rock RV has to offer. Our RV resort has everything you need to have a perfect stay!