Our Desert Tortoises

Minnie, Nala and Buttons

Minnie and Nala came to us  from the Arizona Desert Tortoise Adoption program in April 2020.
Both are Sonoran Desert Tortoises (Gopherus morafkai)


Minnie is a 10 to 20 yr old female. She was given to the adoption program by someone who could no longer care for her and her nine sisters.Minnie the Desert Tortoise

She was housed with a male tortoise so it is possible she may lay eggs in the future. Did you know tortoises can lay viable eggs from mating years earlier?!

Minnie is a little shy. She comes out every couple days for food and to visit. She did supervise some planting in her enclosure one day tho.


Nala is a 20-30 yr old female. She was also given to the adoption program by someone who could no longer care for her.

Nala the Desert Tortoise

It was discovered she had a very large bladder stone that required surgery to remove. She made it through the surgery just fine and is doing very well.

She is the more social one. She comes out everyday for feeding time and will follow her caretaker around the enclosure until he feeds her. She enjoys getting a cool down sprinkler during hot weather and is very curious.



Buttons is a young male. He was abandoned at another RV park and we gladly took him in as we were already setup to care for tortoises.Desert Tortoise Image - Buttons Buttons is an African Spurred Tortoise also known as a Sulcata. Notice the spurs on his legs?

Sulcatas can grow to 75 – 100 lbs! On his first vet check-up though, the vet said he may not become a heavy weight due to poor nutrition by his prior owner. We will keep him well fed and happy regardless of  his size!

We thought he would not bromate, but he does require more warming than the girls so he sticks close to his heat lamp all winter and doesn’t come out.

A couple tortoise facts:

Everyone is welcome to stop by, say hello to the tortoises and watch them during feeding and enclosure cleaning time. Usually between 4 and 5 pm during the summer.

Hey, where’s my roof?!

Black Rock RV Village - Nala Remodel

Nala dug a little too far under her foundation, risking collapse.
The guys recreated her den to allow her to dig deeper, be safe and stay cooler.


Black Rock RV is the best campground in the McMullen Valley desert, AZ AZ

Enjoying the day in the shade of the thornless Palm.